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In Libris Libertum

In Books, Freedom

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16 July
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I live in California and have zero tolerance for zero and sub-zero temperatures.
ace of cakes, adventures of tintin, aladdin, alien nation, andre norton, animation, archeology, astronomy, avengers, beauty and the beast, bill nye, bionic six, books, buck rogers, cartoons, cash cab, centaurs, chocolate, cryptography, darkwing duck, delvecchio, dinosaurs, disney, disneyland, dorothy sayers, edward stratemeyer, ellery queen, emergency, fafhrd, fairy tales, fan fic, fanfiction, fanfiction challenges, fantasy, flying, flying carpets, folk lore, folklore, fred dannay, fritz leiber, galaxy rangers, grand canyon, grey mouser, guardians of the galaxy, hardy boys, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hawaiian heat, hercules, hippogriffs, human target, hummingbirds, indiana jones, ipods, iron chef, ironside, j. k. rowling, katharine briggs, ken holt, kmg365, libraries, locked room mysteries, macgyver, magic carpets, man from u.n.c.l.e., manfred b. lee, manning coles, marvel family, mercedes lackey, metamorphs, mummies, museums, mysteries, mythbusters, mythology, nanowrimo, ncis: los angeles, numb3rs, orange county fair, oz, paleontology, pegasus, phoenixes, puns, puzzles, quotes, reading & writing mysteries, rescue rangers, rick brant, riddles, science fiction, shades of la, shapeshifters, sherlock holmes, squad 51, star wars, station 51, store front lawyers, tamora pierce, tanya huff, tarzan, tinker belle, tintin, tintin and snowy, tommy and tuppence, tommy hambledon, trains, travel, unicorns, urban legends, voice actors, warehouse 13, wild wild west, witch world, writing, yellowstone, yosemite, zoos

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