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In Libris Libertum
In Books, Freedom
Fall 2012 TV Season 
4th-Oct-2012 10:01 am
Bronze Phoenix
I always mean to post reviews of the season enders and season openers. Obviously, I never have. Pity, because some of the TV shows I used to watch had great season enders. Numb3rs' Season Three "The Janus Code" is one of my all time favorite episodes. CSI: New York's Season two ender, Charge of this Post, is what moved CSI: NY from my B list to my A list.

But I Digress.

This year, the season enders were mostly annoying. I was ticked off at Hawaii Five-0 because the episode was boring and the cliffhanger came out of nowhere. I'm still annoyed because killing Chin Ho's wife is SO BLOODY trite! Sheesh.

NCIS: Los Angeles, however, completely fooled me. I should have seen the set up at the time, but it wasn't until half way through the season opener that I realized what was going on. That's a relief! I thought that I'd never be able to watch NCIS: LA again.

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