Jelsemium (jelsemium) wrote,

Which Minor Character from Harry Potter Am I?

Gacked from anna_fredricka AKA Tante
(She mentioned gender issues. I apparently not only have gender issues, but species issues as well. *shrug*)

[i'm firenze!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

There was an addendum to the quiz, which I've copied here:
As of 11.04.02, this quiz had been taken 41,731 times. I can tell you with complete certainty that there are 12,143 Bill Weasleys, 9562 Ernie Macmillans, 8399 Parvati Patils, 7264 Dean Thomases, 714 Firenzes, and 3649 Ludo Bagmans wandering the Muggle world at this instant. (Yes, I realize I'm an insufferable geek. Yes, I realize you're gonna cheat. Yes, I entertain flaming and fangirling, although I reserve the right to flame/fangirl back.)

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