Jelsemium (jelsemium) wrote,

Movies I've Seen in 2010

The ice breaker question is about the best movie I've seen this year. Got me to thinking about (wait for it) movies I've seen this year! (Bet you never saw that coming!)

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

Clash of the Titans: C-

Yeah, in spite of having the popular quote: "Release the Kraken!" It did have great effects and well choreographed fight scenes. However, all the supporting characters were there only to die, horribly. Plus Pegasus was sadly underused. The main characters were unsympathetic. There just wasn't any chance for the audience to connect with any of the characters. The relationships between the characters was never developed.

How to Train Your Dragon: A+

Similiar theme to Clash of the Titans, actually. There's an on-going war between humans and non-humans. The difference here is this movie developed the relationships between the characters, so I found it easier to feel connected to the characters. Besides, they were actually likeable.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: B+

Similar to Harry Potter (that's a compliment from me.) Teen discovers that he's not the same as the other people around him. He gets sent to a special school to develop his talents. He winds up going on a quest with his newfound friends. He kicks ass. Likeable characters, fast paced plot, some plot twists I spotted a mile away, but that didn't make them any less enjoyable. I'll probably pick up the books soon.

The A-Team: A

As fun as the TV show that I loved years ago. Parts were a bit... far-fetched, but that fit with the TV show. It was more violent than the show. (Yes, they shot off dozens of rounds, only in the movie people got hit, then died.)

Prince of Persia: A-

I've been looking forward to this movie since I heard it was coming out. The game that it's (loosely) based on came out suspiciously soon after Disney's Aladdin. I wasted many hours playing the game. :-D

The movie didn't disappoint. The characters were likeable. The verbal (and physical) sparring between Dastan and Tamina was fun. The plot was twisty, but easy to follow. Time travel stories can be tricky. Loved the ending.

Sorcerer's Apprentice: A

About what you'd expect from the commercial. Geek finds out he has special powers. His mentor is somewhat insane. Together they have to save the world. The geek also acquires a girlfriend. The villain acquires his own apprentice. The dialog kept me laughing. I like Jay Baruchel (also the voice of the hero in "How to Train Your Dragon.") My fondness for Nicholas Cage depends on what role he's playing. I liked him in this.

And, yes, they had the whole broomstick and water bucket scene. Guess they had to.


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