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In Libris Libertum
In Books, Freedom
30th-Jun-2004 08:29 pm
Bronze Phoenix
Testing the LJ-Cut.

I just submitted my story to the Harry/Ginny fic-a-fest contest. I hope that I did it correctly!

I'm feeling pleased with myself. I've written two Harry Potter stories in three days. One was over three thousand words and the other one, the one I just submitted to the fic-a-fest contest is about eighteen hundred words.

I just hope that I formatted it correctly! *Chews fingers nervously* I was almost late to work because I couldn't figure out how to submit. Then I used up my lunch break mucking about with it. It's 8:32 PM, PDT, so I'm sure I made it by the deadline.

We'll see if I've made a complete fool of myself or what.

At least it gave me something to put into my blog.

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