Jelsemium (jelsemium) wrote,

Writer's Block: Is your goose (or tofu) cooked?

Are you planning to host Thanksgiving at your place or will you travel to see family and/or friends? Do you prefer a traditional menu or something entirely different?

We alternate between having a traditional turkey dinner at home (with green beans, mashed potatos, dressing, rolls and pumpkin pie) at home and going to a restaurant.

This year we are going to Claim Jumper for their Thanksgiving dinner. I believe they are having Thanksgiving Dinner only (as opposed to a regular menu with a turkey option.)

I believe that I'll have a choice between turkey, prime rib and salmon. (If so, I'll be taking the salmon. I luvs me some beef, but prime rib has too much fat for this fat chick.)

I'm also getting my hands on one of Coco's harvest pie. It's pumpkin pie with a layer of pumpkin chiffon it is worth ruining one's diet over. They also use their pumpkin chiffon on their pumpkin pancakes. Their pumpkin pancakes are my favorite of the pumpkin pancakes around here. But I digress.

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