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Let's see, what can I write about? How about writing?

I've managed to stuff up my A Sirius Situation by running the chapters out of order. Must do a rewrite to salvage the situation. It'll work better this way... If I keep telling myself that, maybe that'll inspire me.

My HPGW_Fic-a-fest entry is almost finished.

Drabbles in HP100 are pouring out of my brain like water from a fountain. So, all is not lost on the writing front.

I created two new Avatars for me, as I was tired of the NaNoWriMo picture. The bronze phoenix is from an online catalog and shows a pendant that I own.

I also have a cat's eye that from a picture that I took of my cat. Yes, she was really that close to the camera. I guess she wanted to see what I was up to! :-)

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