Jelsemium (jelsemium) wrote,

iPod Woes

I have a problem with my iPod. It's not that it's broken or anything. In fact, it's working well.

It has 160 gigs. My laptop has 30. You can't put something on your laptop, move it to the iPod and then take it off.

Well, you can take it off, but next time you sync your iPod, the stuff you deleted from your laptop will be deleted from the iPod.

This is massively suckitorious, IMHO. And just when I had deluded myself into thinking Apple was run by humans...

Anyways, I asked for the iPod in the first place because it's a cool gadget and I wanted to be able to carry Numb3rs around in my pocket.

Thus far, I have loaded four Numb3rs episodes on it. The first two I downloaded last year, before I even had an iPod. I was curious as to how the shows played on the computer and wondered how long it would take to download an episode. (Take Out and Janus List, in case you were wondering.)

Over dial-up, the episodes took... 37 hours. Owtch.

I now have broadband. (Yay, me!)

I downloaded a third episode (Primacy) onto my Toshiba. It took about an hour.

I downloaded two more episodes (Graphic and the Pilot) to my Sony Vaio. They took approximately 20 minutes.

I haven't synced my iPod since I downloaded the Pilot, so yeah, I only have four episodes on my iPod.

I also have an episode of Jurassic Fight Club on my iPod. It was free and there's nothing quite so soothing and uplifting as watching dinosaurs eat each other. (Yes, there is ALWAYS somebody worse off than you.)

Wow, an actual post without the aid of the writer's block prompts. :D I may get to like this.

Tags: dinosaurs, downloads, ipods, numb3rs

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