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What Jelsemium Actually Got For Christmas

I made out like a bandit.

Let's see, I got some books --
The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference
The Casebook of Forensic Detection. (Can you tell that I've been watching CSI too much?)

I got the entire first season of Jonny Quest on DVD. (Yay!)

I got some nice jewelry --
A necklace and bracelet of Amethyst chips.
A silver necklace with silver butterflies which have amethysts set in their backs.
(I see you've noticed that I love amethysts.

The best gift was the Garmin IQue 3600. It's a PDA. It's a GPS. It's all sorts of Useful Initials. It's me never getting lost again... once I figure out how to use it. ;-)

Happy Holidays!

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