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Writer's Block: Coffee Or Tea?

What method do you use to prepare your coffee or tea?

Going to continue with this topic. :-)

Not that fond of tea. It took me forever to find a green tea that didn't taste like grass to me. (That would be Jasmine, by the way. I originally tried it because of the name, me being such a fan of Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin. But the taste brings me back.)

I recently became fond of chai and chai latte. I've got a box of green chai tea that I haven't tried yet because I'm going to donate blood this Saturday.

The connection being that tannin inhibits the absorbtion of iron, and since my blood iron count is borderline, I have to do everything I can to boost my iron count... multi-vitamins, red meat, fortified cereals/oatmeal, and lots of citrus (which promotes iron absorbtion). I also eat spinach, but the iron in spinach doesn't absorb well. Spinach is so unsharing. Be sure to squeeze lemon or wash it down with orange juice to get the citric acid working against the Spinach.

But I digress.

I've been trying to avoid too much sweeteners in my coffee, so I've been adding a dash of cinnamon to sweeten it up. If I'm brewing, I put the cinnamon in with the grounds. Otherwise, I just sprinkle it in my cup.

In addition to being good at cutting back on the coffee's acidity, cinnamon is good at reducing the cholesterol level. Just don't overdo it. Even water is bad for you if you overdo it.

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