February 8th, 2005

Cat's eye

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Let's see, what can I write about? How about writing?

I've managed to stuff up my A Sirius Situation by running the chapters out of order. Must do a rewrite to salvage the situation. It'll work better this way... If I keep telling myself that, maybe that'll inspire me.

My HPGW_Fic-a-fest entry is almost finished.

Drabbles in HP100 are pouring out of my brain like water from a fountain. So, all is not lost on the writing front.

I created two new Avatars for me, as I was tired of the NaNoWriMo picture. The bronze phoenix is from an online catalog and shows a pendant that I own.

I also have a cat's eye that from a picture that I took of my cat. Yes, she was really that close to the camera. I guess she wanted to see what I was up to! :-)
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Bronze Phoenix

A Valentine For Cravache

Speaking of drabbles, here's one I wrote because Cravache said that she'd never received a Valentine before.

A Valentine For Cravache

Wistfully, Luna watched the owls stream into the Great Hall on Valentine's morning.

She didn't really expect anything, except for the usual gift of chocolate snorkacks from her father. After all, who would send Looney Lovegood a Valentine? (Except for her father, of course.)

Hecate, her father's owl delivered her load of chocolate, then left.

Then a snowy owl landed near her. A quick look confirmed that Hedwig was perched next to Harry.

This owl bowed and held out its leg.

Luna opened the package. It was a chocolate rose with a note.

"Happy Valentine's Day from your Secret Admirer."
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