Jelsemium (jelsemium) wrote,

May is David Sinclair Month!

David Romances!
David Crime Solving!
David Math Puzzling!
David and his Buddies!

Tell your friends!

Write your stories!

Post 'em at or link 'em to numb3rs_gen_het
Tags: david sinclair, numb3rs, numb3rs_gen, numb3rs_het

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    Hee! I wrote this story last week and forgot to post it in my own Comm! It fits all my requirements: A crossover romance, math and a criminal case.…

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    I have a problem with my iPod. It's not that it's broken or anything. In fact, it's working well. It has 160 gigs. My laptop has 30. You can't put…

  • What to talk about

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