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Q’s Nuke ‘em Fast Fudge

Q’s Nuke ‘em Fast Fudge

12 oz of chocolate chips (or other flavor, if you prefer!)
14 oz of condensed milk (Q recommends prefer Eagle brand)
1 tsp of vanilla.

Line a 9 by 9 pan (or something close, like an 11 by 8 pan) with wax paper.

Put chips and milk in microwave safe bowl. (It might bubble up, so allow extra space on top)

Nuke for one minute on high.

Stir the fudge.

Nuke for another minute.

Stir the fudge again. It should be melting into a luscious chocolately goodness by now.

If needed, nuke another minute.

Take fudge out of the microwave.

Add vanilla.

WARNING, do NOT put the vanilla in before nuking. It’s very volatile and will evaporate when heated.

Stir the fudge.

Pour fudge into pan (or directly over ice cream for authentic hot fudge!)

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