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What I'm Watching

Hm, since I have this Journal, I might as well post something here...

What am I watching nowadays? Lots. :-) It's been a while, but there are actually primetime shows that I'm enjoying. (For a while there, all I watched were animated cartoons and Food Network.)

There's a show, Hustle, that's on late at night. It has Robert Vaughn in it. I keep taping it, but I managed to mess up the first two weeks. I may have week three taped. Maybe.

Exteme Makeover: Home Edition. (In fact, that's what I'm watching right now.) -- It's one of the best reality shows on the air. It actually involves doing good, rather than showing how depraved and disgusting the contestants are. Besides, Ty Pennington is a nut, in the best possible way.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent -- I like the characters. Bobby Goren is another nut. He has a way of understanding how people think. Alexandra Eames is cool. She works well with Goren, even when she doesn't undertand what he's up to. (But mostly she gets what he's up to.)

The new set of characters are interesting, too, in their way.

Antiques Roadshow -- This is interesting, and it's always fun to see the reactions of the people: "That piece of junk my mother fished out of the dumpster is worth HOW MUCH???"

CSI: Miami -- This is more soapy than the original CSI, but I like the characters. And the mysteries aren't always obvious.

Bones is moved to Wednesdays.

This is my busy night. The local station is showing reruns of 1976 show, Ellery Queen that starred Jim Hutton (father of Acadamy award winner, Tim Hutton) Jim Hutton's Ellery Queen was a charming, absent-minded, brilliant young man. Apparently, Ellery was a lot like Jim.

Bones -- I love this show. Most shows have mostly normal characters and one eccentric brilliant character. This show is basically packed with brilliant, eccentric characters. It's different in that the crime du jour isn't always the focus of the show. (Heck, one time they caught the murderers within the first ten minutes!)

Criminal Minds -- (Not to be confused with Criminal Intent): Another show filled with brilliant characters. Not quite as eccentric as the ones in Bones. This show is filled with surprises, I haven't yet figured out 'whodunnit' and I'm usually pretty good at it. And even after they reveal 'whodunnit', they usually have a surprise or two left.

CSI: New York -- I really want to like this show, but I haven't really warmed up to the characters. There have been some moments, like when Mac was teasing Hawke about eating in the break room.

Dancing with the Stars -- I was ready to give up on this show until Master P finally got voted off. It wasn't that he was a bad dancer, but he didn't even try. He refused to practice or wear real dancing shoes. He was completely disrespectful towards the judges and, worse, towards his partner. He really should have been booted after the first week. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigtion
I love Grissom and his crew. This show has some interesting angles and interesting story lines. Plus, as I said, the characters are easy to like. They've even managed to make the nastier regulars sympathetic. Yes, even the politically motivated supervisor has shown his best side.

Dancing with the Stars
Ah, the results show. A good idea, I think. Particularly as they re-show the actual dances, so I can enjoy them all over again. I also enjoy seeing the professionals dance together.

$40 A Day & Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels
I like Rachael Ray. She's fun to watch and these shows go to such interesting places.

And now... for my current favorite show....

This show has everything I like. Interesting storylines, interesting, sympathetic characters. The basic premise is an FBI agent (Don Eppes, played by Rob Morrow) recruits his genius younger brother (Charlie, played by The Most Excellent David Krumholtz) to help him solve crimes. The math used to solve crimes in this show is real and based on math used to solve actual cases. (The pilot even incorporated the real life twist that almost made it seem like the math hadn't work.)

As I said, the characters are sympathetic and the show has some interesting twists on the characterization. For example: the younger brother is the genius and they've had some eppisodes that explore the family dynamics of having a genius in the family (especially as it relates to the sibling rivalry between Don and Charlie.) Judd Hirsch plays Alan Eppes, the father of these two remarkable men. And you have Peter MacNicol as Charlie's mentor.

Heck every one this stellar ensemble shines, and the writers, directors and producers do an excellent job of giving them worthy material to work with.

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