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Top Ten Trivia about YOU!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Jelsemium!

  1. Jelsemium can use only about ten percent of her brain.
  2. Jelsemium is 984 feet tall!
  3. Jelsemium cannot burp - there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in her stomach.
  4. Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw Jelsemium into a volcano it would stop erupting.
  5. Jelsemium can remain conscious for fifteen to twenty seconds after being decapitated!
  6. Neil Armstrong first stepped on Jelsemium with his left foot.
  7. Jelsemium will give a higher yield if milked when listening to music!
  8. Jelsemium was named after Jelsemium the taxi driver in Frank Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life'.
  9. Early thermometers were filled with Jelsemium instead of mercury.
  10. If the annual Australian Jelsemium crop was laid end to end, it would stretch around the world seven times.
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