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In Libris Libertum
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Stray Thoughts 
28th-Jul-2005 09:56 pm
Joe Leonard Pegasus
Hi, Ho!

I thought I'd post. Not that I have much to say. Work has been workish. The sixth Harry Potter book has been devoured. I liked it much better than the fifth book, but it was still very sad. That's all I'll say here.

I did a lot of running around on the weekend Harry Potter came out. I picked up the book at the midnight party at Barnes and Noble. Managed, somehow, to refrain from starting it. Headed off to the International Comic Book Convention in San Diego (via Amtrak) for the day. Ran into my sister on the way home and she and I and our mother went to dinner (for my birthday!)

Sunday, I still didn't have time to start HP and the HBP. I went back to San Diego (again via Amtrak) only this time, when I got back to my home station (in Irvine) I didn't go straight home, I went to Disneyland for THEIR birthday. (July 17th was the actual 50th anniversary of the park's opening, not just part of the 50th anniversary celebration, which will be 18 months long.) I got a free set of gold mouse ears and a free cupcake for showing up on that day of days. I wonder if I'll be around for their hundreth.

I hope so, those cupcakes were good!

I finally started on HBP on Monday night. Read it Tuesday morning and during my lunch break. And finally finished it Tuesday night. (Rather a long time for me, but I console myself with the thought that I am still the only person I know who finished Order of the Phoenix the Saturday it came out.)

But enough chit chat... oh, one more thing. When LiveJournal had their sale on Permanent Memberships, I indulged myself and bought one. Now I can have dozens of avatars. Bwa-ha-ha! I've gone picture crazy, too. Check out my gallery.

Adios for now!
30th-Jul-2005 01:23 pm (UTC)
I shall make it a point never to meet you so that you may remain the only person you know who finished OotP on Saturday. 'Cause I'm cool like that. ;)
30th-Jul-2005 10:09 pm (UTC) - Too Late...
Never mind. I now know one other person besides the two of us who finished on Saturday. (And Alan, the Smart Aleck, finished in like two and a half hours. It took me closer to six.)

On the bright side, I still finished it faster than my sister did. :-)

Of course, she finished Half Blood Prince days sooner than I did, which was amusing in itself, as she couldn't talk about the book until I finished reading it. ;-D

So, what did you think of HBP?
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