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In Libris Libertum
In Books, Freedom
Vote for the Numb3rs DVD! 
30th-May-2005 03:57 pm
Bronze Phoenix
Amazon.com is starting a list of people who want to be notified when Numb3rs hits DVD. According to Amazon...

Availability: NOT YET RELEASED: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address at right. You'll also be voting for this release; we'll let the studio know how many customers are waiting for this title.

*grins* I've entered several of my email addresses for this. I just thought other Numb3rs fans might want a chance to vote, too. :-)

(Heck, even if you're not a Numb3rs fan, I'd appreciate it if you'd put your name on the list. It's not like it obliges you to buy it... )
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